Monday, 7th of September 2020, 12:00 a.m. Romanian Time Zone
Cluj Arena, 2nd floor, Multimedia Room - Aleea Stadionului nr. 2, Cluj-Napoca

Between the 3rd and the 6th of September 2020 the competition jury debates and decides the results for the „Cluj-Napoca Comprehensive Transplant Centre” International Design Competition, competition officially launched on the 28th of May 2020.

The competition seeks to select the best design solution for a Comprehensive Transplant Centre, located in the central area of Cluj-Napoca Municipality, within the University Hospital Complex.

The project has a strong innovative character, aiming to design and execute the first transplant centre in the country that accommodates all the necessary facilities for four types of transplant: heart transplant, lung transplant, liver transplant and kidney transplant.

The project of the Comprehensive Transplant Centre aims to provide an example of good practices both in terms of medical architecture and with regard to the insertion of a volume of contemporary architecture in a historical, heterogeneous site.

The event announcing the winners will take place on Monday, 7th of September 2020, 12:00 a.m. Romanian Time Zone, at the Cluj Arena (Aleea Stadionului nr. 2, Cluj-Napoca) in the Multimedia Room situated on the 2nd floor.

The event will be attended by the reprezentatives of the Cluj County Council, the president of the Order of Architects in Romania - arch. Alexandru Găvozdea and by the jury members for the „Cluj-Napoca Comprehensive Transplant Centre” International Design Competition.

The event will be broadcasted live on the OAR Concursuri Facebook page (

The Contracting Authority is the Cluj County, the owner of the land and the beneficiary of the competition results.

The competition is organized by the Order of Architects in Romania, in accordance with the Competition Rules of the International Union of Architects - UIA - and the provisions of the International Recommendations for Architecture and Urban Planning Competitions adopted at the General Conference of UNESCO of 1956, revised on 27 November 1978, in compliance with the provisions of the legislation in force regarding the award of public procurement contracts.

The Design Competition is a public, single-stage competition, open to Romania, all countries of the European Union, of the European Economic Area, and to the Swiss Confederation.

The design competition is organized as an independent procedure, in accordance with art. 105 letter a) of Law no. 98/2016 regarding public procurement, and subsequently, pursuant to provisions under art. 104 para. (7) of the same law, the design services contract is to be awarded to the winner of the competition, following a negotiation procedure without prior publication of a participation announcement.



Full Members:
1. Arch. Claudiu Salanță – CJ Cluj
2. MD Andrei Leșan
3. MD Peter Jaksch
4. Arch. Ștefan Bâlici
5. Arch. Oana Gavriliu
6. Arch. Andrei Șerbescu
7. Arch. Silviu Aldea

Deputy Members:
8. MD Alexandru Coman

First Prize: The design services contract with an estimated value of
3.248.500 EUR, exclusive of VAT
Second Prize: 60.000 EUR
Third Prize: 30.000 EUR
1st Mention: 5.000 EUR
2nd Mention: 5.000 EUR

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Press Contact:

Iulia CUCU
tel: 0730.092.199


The Q&A document for the second round of questions regarding the International Design Competition ”Cluj-Napoca Comprehensive Transplant Centre” is now available on the competition website!

You can view and download the documents on the competition website at:


Follow the latest updates on the competition at:




On Friday, 19th of June, at 12:30 pm, we invite you to visit the site for the International Design Competition ”Cluj-Napoca Comprehensive Transplant Centre”.

We invite you to Cluj-Napoca to visit the competition site, an opportunity to get to know the area and to participate in open discussions with arch. Andreea Tănase, professional counsellor and author of the competition brief, representing the Order of Architects in Romania and arch. Claudiu Salanță, representing the Contracting Authority, the Cluj County Council.

All the collected questions will become part of the "Questions and Answers" Round 1 document on the competition page (according to the calendar) and will also be sent by e-mail to all participants enrolled in the competition up to that date.

Meeting point

The site visit begins at 12:30 pm, in front of ”Sfântul Pantelimon” Church, located in the premises of the ”Leon Daniello” Clinical Hospital of Pneumoftiziology, accessible from the BP Hașdeu street.

To register for the visit, fill in the SITE VISIT REGISTRATION form on the page:

Please note that the site visit is not mandatory for your participation in the competition.



At the request of the Contracting Authority, following additional information provided by the Cluj County - Conclusions Sheet – Annex of the Historical study (Annex 8 - Additional documentation), the documentation of the International Design Competition "Cluj-Napoca Comprehensive Transplant Centre" was rectified as follows:



Annex 1

Competition Brief

1.1. Competition brief

1.2. Areas & staff summary (.xls file)

Anexa 1.A

Competition Brief - Amendment

1.A.1. Competition Brief - Amendment

1.A.2. Areas & staff summary (.xls file) - Amendment

Annex 2

Competition Rules


2.1. Competition Rules

2.2. Application forms

2.3. Financial proposal

2.4. Winner negotiation forms

2.5. Project team

2.6. Design contract

2.7. Cost estimate

2.8. Area estimate

2.9. Identification form

2.10. Templates for participants

2.11. List of the competition documentation

Annex 2.A

Competition Rules - Amendment


2.A.1. Competition Rules – Amendment

2.A.3. Financial proposal – Amendment

2.A.6. Design contract – Amendment

2.A.7. Cost estimate – Amendment

2.A.8. Area estimate – Amendment

2.A.11. List of competition documentation - Amendment

Annex 3

Urban planning documentation and permits


3.1. Urban planning certificate

3.2. Extract from the land book

3.3. Extract form the General Urban Plan of the Municipality of Cluj-Napoca /.dxf format

Annex 4



4.1. Historical study

4.2. Traffic study

Annex 5

Technical assessments


5.1. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – Technical expertise report;

5.2. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – Geotechnical investigation;

Annex 6

Support documentation


6.1. University Hospital Complex – topographic survey /.dxf format

6.2. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – Technical report for the “PAC” phase;

6.3. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – Layout plan;

6.4. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – Plan of Basement 1;

6.5. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – Plan of Basement 2;

6.6. Akademia Multifunctional Centre a – A-A Section;

6.7. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – B-B Section; 

6.8. Akademia Multifunctional Centre – Basement plan  - correlation with the outline of the plot /.dxf format; 

Annex 7

Photographic documentary


7.1. General images of the area

7.2. University Hospital Complex

7.3. Park between terraces II and III

7.4. Site

Annex 8

Additional documentation


8.1. Historical study - drawing


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