Urban Development of Kogălniceanu Street


Found in the protected zone of the city’s heritage district, the street Mihail Kogălniceanu has the potential of a vibrant, creative, quality public space, owing to the architectural-urbanistic heritage worth, to the cultural-educational specificity and to the important number of everyday users of all age groups, especially young people – school and faculty students. This potential is insufficiently used and it faces the risk of compromise because of the traffic of personal cars that pollute and have an impact on the quality of the experience of the public space users; they also damage valuable heritage elements.

The main objective of the design competition is for the Mayor’s Office of the City of Cluj-Napoca to conclude a contract on the design services required for a good quality development of the public space of street Mihail Kogălniceanu and adjacent streets: Universității, Em. de Martonne, north-south axis made from the streets János Bolyai – Hermann Oberth – Kovács Dezsö, Gaál Gábor and Baba Novac, including Cipariu Square. 

Second, attention is also paid to a scenario for the extension of the intervention in the patios of some of the public institutions.

The design competition objective is the finding of a contemporary architectural-urbanistic solution, which should be discreet and reverent in relation to the built heritage, a solution to convert the street M.Kogălniceanu in a high quality, safe, comfortable and adaptable public space. The drafting of a poetic solution is preferable to a project with noticeable decorative aspects.

In the landscape of Cluj, the street Kogălniceanu is one of the most suggestive landscapes for the understanding of the architectural nature of the heritage city. Here we can find the successive layers of its profile, the baroque, neo-classicist, modernist and even brutalist buildings mixed in a genuine palimpsest. This temporal and stylistic mosaic is self-referential – as a true and natural witness of the character of a city whose mark is the diversity recognizable both in the profile and in the structure: ethnical, cultural, professional, etc. The street Kogălniceanu is the concentrated expression of a cosmopolitan city.

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